About Mimaansa

Our Achievements

  • Mimaansa is the only NGO in education sector in Mumbai carrying out an exclusive Learning disability outreach program in English medium municipal schools.
  • Mimaansa has convinced and encouraged Thane Municipal corporation authorities to address the issue of ‘Learning difficulty’ and started working with them in two English medium Municipal schools.
  • Mimaansa is propounding the RTI [Response To Intervention] model in Mumbai and will soon be engaged in a school run by the Bombay Municipal Corporation.

  • Mimaansa's impact in the last academic year has been:

    85% students can now understand the clock and the calendar
    60% students can now carry out simple 2 -3 digit division sums
    90% students identify vowels and consonants.
    56% can now make simple 2-3 letter words.
    57% students understand the concept of place value.
    80% students are now able to write number names from 0 to 50.
  • In order to continue this journey and have a sustained impact, we seek your support &
    request generous monetary contributions that will enable these young curious minds to
    learn and dream of a better and secure future.