Overcoming Learning Difficulty

What is Learning Difficulty?

How do we help the child overcome this problem? Early intervention and remedial education is essential to overcome
learning problems and prevent school failures.

Initial Management

  • Establish diagnosis
  • Counseling the child, parents as also the school personnel
  • Interpret diagnosis and interpret diagnosis for the child, parent and school
  • Decrease the impact of attention deficits
  • Teach to organize work materials and time, approach to assignment and test taking strategy

Ongoing Management

Educational Management

  • Environmental (classroom) Modification
    • Minimize distraction stimuli
    • Preferential seating arrangement
    • Self contained classroom
  • Increase teacher availability- 1:1 tutorial, se of aides.
  • Assure structure and predictable routine
  • Monitor and modify non academic times like lunch, recess, physical training etc.

Teaching Strategies

  • Remediation
  • Short and simple instructions
  • Systematic and sequential instructions
  • Focus on learning style. Appreciate and acknowledge the fact that every child learns differently.