Our Activities

Mimaansa works with 6 Thane Municipal Corporation's Schools, 2 English medium & 4 Marathi medium schools. 2 English medium schools are as listed below :

  • Kissan Nagar School No.23
  • Kissan Nagar School No.33
  • Kissan Nagar School No.102
  • Kissan Nagar School No.103
  • Kissan Nagar School No.23 [English]
  • Lokmanya Nagar School No.03

Mimaansa works for children with Learning Disabilities studying in the under resourced municipal schools enabling them learn. Mimaansa works towards capacity building of municipal schools to better accommodate students with 'Learning Disabilities' in the mainstream classroom. 

Mimaansa offers an ‘Early Intervention Program’ in schools it works with, this includes;

1] Remedial Education

We run a strong remediation program under which we identify, diagnose (through curriculum based assessment program) and remediate children having learning disabilities by using the play-way method of teaching-learning along with other alternative methods of teaching. This program is run by a team of skilled special educators and counsellors.

2] Counselling

Our Counselling program is run hand in hand with the remedial program, we provide counseling to every child from the 6 schools which we are engaged with, irrespective of their ability. As these children come from underprivileged communities, often they are living in difficult situations, which can lead to acquired learning disabilities. Skilled psychotherapists and psychologists conduct these sessions.

3] Teacher Training

All teachers from the 6 schools are exposed to Mimaansa’s teaching methods through systematic training session. This is followed up with coaching meetings and they observe Mimaansa’s remedial sessions in action.

Through our program we catered to about 1177 children from 6 schools and around 397 students receive remediation through our remedial program in 2016-17. Nearly 60 Municipal school teachers received training to better accomodate ‘LD’ students in their classrooms. 

Mimaansa is propounding the RTI [Response To Intervention] model in Mumbai and will soon be engaged in a school run by the Bombay Municipal Corporation