Our Activities

Mimaansa works with 5 Thane Municipal Corporation's Schools, 2 English medium & 3 Marathi medium schools. 2 English medium schools are as listed below :

  • Kissan Nagar School No.23
  • Savarkar Nagar School No.120

We run a volunteer teaching program in thane English, Math and Art & Craft. We also run a strong remediation program under which we identify, diagnose (Through curriculum based assessment program) and remediate children having learning disabilities by using the play-way method of teaching-learning along with other alternative methods of teaching. This program is run by a team of skilled counselors and special educators.

Through our volunteer teaching program we cater to about 437children from both schools and around 55 students receive remediation through our remedial program.

Mimaansa is propounding the RTI [Response To Intervention] model in Mumbai and will soon be engaged in a school run by the Bombay Municipal Corporation.